The Tailor

An experience that takes you back in time

Entering the tailor's workshop of Augusto Lemmi is an experience that takes you back in time. It takes us to that important moment when we "went to the tailor" for the most significant occasions in our lives: from our first job to our wedding day or that of our children. Each piece is carefully designed, cut, measured and stitched by Augusto himself or his close team of staff, whose knowledge and experience breathe life into his stylish and exclusive clothes. Accompanying the dream of perfection in style are our accessories which can combine with and compliment all our garments. These are selected to interpret the unique taste of every person who likes to stand out from the crowd. For men there is a wide range of silk and cashmere ties which are made ​​entirely by hand in the workshop in Perugia. Bespoke products are also available with the customers having their own choice of fabric and size. There is also a beautiful range of cufflinks, leather belts, clutches, ascots and scarves.