The Shirt Maker

The scent of the material, the skilled hands

From the tailor’s shop we move to Vittorio’s shirt shop, where again the bespoke fitted shirts are measured, cut and sewn to enhance the exclusive style of those who choose to trust in the expert hands and elegance of the Lemmi tradition.

In the workshop today there is still the same scent of material, the same sound of sewing machines and the same puffing of steam irons as there always was. This is unlike the tailoring industry of today, which so often presents itself as being faithful to traditional artisanal techniques but is in fact, using standardised procedures. If you don’t see our tailor or shirt maker in the shops in Via Masi and Via Marconi with a measuring tape around their neck or with a needle in hand it is because Augusto and Vittorio are travelling around the world choosing materials of the finest possible quality for their customers. Men who come to the Lemmi Tailor’s shop are men who insist on wearing elegant and unique garments of the highest quality - just as men did once upon a time ..